Infant Baptism/Dedication

Albert Lea Church – A United Methodist Church

Baptism is a tremendous gift -- to your child, to you as a parent, and to us as a church. In baptism we celebrate the rich gifts that Jesus Christ wants to give to His children. But on the other hand, baptism also involves a commitment or responsibilities on our part.

Perhaps it's easier to say that baptism is all about promises and four promise-makers.

1.God. Jesus makes the most important promise: "I will never leave you or forsake you." He loved us even when we were helpless (Romans 5:6) and what's more helpless than a baby or a child?

1.Baptism is an outward sign of God's grace -- free and undeserved grace -- for people who cannot save themselves. In baptism we (including infants) hear the voice of Jesus saying, "I'm choosing you. I'm blessing and affirming you. I want to pour my cleansing water over your soul. Receive from my hand salvation, forgiveness, blessing, and eternal life."

2.You, the parent. You promise to live as a model of Christian discipleship -- turning away from sin, growing in Christ-like character, serving Him in the world. This doesn't presume perfection; it does presume that one or both parents know Jesus Christ as Savior and seek to grow as a Christian. It assumes that you have begun to open your life to Christ's presence - His cleansing, His leadership in you life. We also assume that one or both parents are involved in the life our church. (at least in Worship attendance.)

3.Use the Church. Parenting is tough. Raising kids who follow Christ is even tougher. As parents, we all need support, prayer, encouragement, and Christian role models for our children. In other words, we need the Church, the family of God.

The community of faith is a very important part of our baptismal service. We promise to love and support you. We promise to pray for your family. We also promise to rededicate our lives to Christ. This is why all of our baptisms (except in extreme circumstances) occur during a Sunday morning Worship service.

4.Your child. Your child can't promise anything yet. But there will come a time when your child will (we hope!) decide to follow Christ for themselves. We try to put your child on the right road, making it a pleasant journey. We hope and pray that your child will find Christ's road so appealing that his/her choice will be easy: "I want to follow Christ for myself."

Please complete the attached Study Guide and Baptism/Dedication Information form and bring to your meeting with the pastor.  *The date for your baptism/dedication is NOT firm until confirmed by the