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Service From The Heart – Finding your Gifts and  Talents.

Congratulations! You’re gifted! Come and learn how God has uniquely gifted you and where your dreams and passions might lead you to serve. You’ll study the Bible, use personal assessments, have a chance to make new friends and receive personalized ideas and contacts for putting your gifts into action.

This is a 3-week class comprised of teaching, learning and sitting down with a coach to look at places to serve. Lora Virgil will be teaching the class and after the class you will meet with Pastor John on 1-1 basis and talk about how you can use your spiritual gifts both inside and outside the walls of the church,

Classroom Setting

This is a wonderful time to meet others and encourage your group as you learn about your gifts.

Fall Session on Sunday Nights October 1st, 8th and 5th at 6:00 pm in the fireside room to sign up contact the office or visit our website